AAA South Jersey Redesign


Client: AAA South Jersey
Date: January –June 2009
URL: AAA South Jersey (use zip 08021 when prompted)

Business Need
  1. The Newland Group had designed and built the AAA South Jersey website some years ago so it was time to refresh the look.
  2. The Club had made a corporate decision to move to a Windows server platform so the new site should be built accordingly.
  1. The third party company hired by the Club to build an API-based membership application was struggling and thus jeopardizing the entire project.
  2. Newland's core strength was in open source architecture, so at that time Windows was a new environment for us.
  1. Newland became a Microsoft registered partner and worked closely with that company to obtain the skills we needed. As a result we were able to build the new site on a Windows platform while maintaining our customary high quality standards.
  2. We built the site on two servers running two different operating systems. The main site was built on a Windows server to meet the corporate standards. We installed the existing trasactional membership pages on a virtual machine running Linux. Finally we integrated the two so that users can move seamlessly from one server to the other without even knowing they are doing so.
Technology & Tools
  1. ASP .NET
  2. VM Ware
  3. Red Hat Linux
  4. Cisco VPN software