e-Biz My Account Service

Client: e-Biz Consortium
Date: October 2010 - March 2011 with frequent updates

Business Need

The e-Biz Consortium group of five Clubs wanted to use the My Account Application that Newland had previously developed and deployed for AAA Western & Central New York. Subsequent to the initial roll-out, the various clubs have identified further needs, such as to display a member's road service history, show a reminder when the ACCR credit card is about to expire, or has expired.

  1. The existing application had AAA WCNY's business rules hard coded.
  2. The existing application was created with AAA WCNY's look and feel.
  3. Some e-Biz clubs required features that weren't part of the original design (CAA Dollars for example)
  1. Newland performed a thorough requirements analysis to determine the business rules that needed to be added/configured in the application.
  2. We enhanced the application to add a configuration engine and design templates.
  3. We implemented additional features as required by the e-Biz clubs
  4. The My Account web app had a powerful and flexible architecture that facilitated modifying the existing features and adding new one.
Technology & Tools
  1. Struts 2
  2. SOAP
  3. Eclipse
  4. JSP
  5. JQuery
  6. JavaScript