AAA Western & Central New York


Project:  Drupal Modules
Date: Various
URL: Various

Business Need

Like many AAA and CAA Clubs, AAA WCNY has chosen Drupal as their website content management framework. One of Drupal's strengths is that its already vast capabilities can be enhanced by the creation of custom modules.

Over a period of several years The Newland Group's developers have created a library of custom Drupal modules with a range of functions from simplifying user interaction with the site, to back end site management and analysis.


We have to implement a mechanism to exchange member information between the backend membership system and Drupal without interrupting user experience, plus feed member information to partners through Drupal interface.  Some complicated Drupal forms have to be built to meet club's special requirements, e.g. connecting to remote Database to fetch form data.


Modules include a Drupal login widget, interfaces with partners such as Orbit Realty and order forms for Veritec pre-paid credit cards. We created a Disney Quote Request, a booking form for auto maintenance, one to integrate travel leads with the Pivotal MRM system and another to request a replacement membership card. Another module provided member-level tracking for improved customer service.

Technology & Tools

Drupal, Java, PHP, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, JSP, jQuery, AJAX, JavaScript and CSS.