Custom Website and Application Development

The primary reason AAA and CAA Clubs refer auto clubs to The Newland Group for custom website and application development is our track record.

Newland has been assisting auto clubs for about a dozen years on projects that are typically more complex than most IT departments can handle on their own. Our expertise is proven and we have established close working relationships with critical contacts on projects that require integration of systems.

The Newland Group has the competitive advantage that we can hit the ground running and be cost-effective for our client-partners. In addition to expertise in technologies like Drupal, Java, JSP, CSS and HTML and how to integrate with social media like Facebook and Twitter, Newland has spent more than a decade becoming expert in Axis, and integration with Campana's legacy pages. Recently we have begun to work with Campana's APIs and have several projects completed, or in development, that use these APIs.

Newland can manage projects from start to finish because we understand the business goals auto clubs are trying to achieve and we have the expertise to design custom solutions that meet your specific needs. That includes choosing the development methodology and technology tools that will work best for your project.

Newland offers auto clubs particular expertise in:

  • Custom web design and implementation
  • Content Management Systems
  • E-commerce
  • Facebook, Twitter, and e-marketing campaigns